Anthony Beckford and Eric Adams distribute 1,000 Face Masks to Tenants and Workers at Flatbush Gardens

Released at: May 13, 2020
Contact: Anthony Beckford


1,000 Face masks Distributed to Flatbush Community Residents of Flatbush Gardens aka Vanderveer

On Tuesday Morning at 11am, Community Leader / President and Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter Brooklyn Anthony Beckford and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams partnered up to hand out 1,000 Face masks to residents at Flatbush Gardens aka Vanderveer in the Flatbush Community. Community members and the workers who are members of 32BJ SEIU Union, were very receptive and thankfu for the masks. Many community members told both Beckford and Adams about their need for food distributions in the area as well as affordable rents in general, so that they do not become displaced. Some tenants stated that they have reached out to the city and their local elected official for assistance and have received no response as of yet. These calls for assistance is what motivated Beckford to do even more for the community. 

"This is a low income to moderate income working class African American and Afro-Carib community. The resources were few to none before this pandemic. During the pandemic, our community seems to have been abandoned and ignored. Community members have been reaching out to me on a consistent basis for things they need. Many of our seniors and families have been unable to find or afford masks, so I initially went out and bought masks with my own money but it just wasn't enough. I am proud that Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was able to partner with me and help out by donating 1,000 face masks and helped to distribute them to many of the tenants of Flatbush Gardens. We will be distributing more in the near future to every community member in Flatbush and East Flatbush and distribute meals as well to those in need." - Anthony Beckford


Since March, Beckford has been making, bottling and distributing hand sanitizers to community members, first responders, front line medical professionals and other essential workers. He believes that representation and leadership comes from the heart and that helping others is not a job, but a duty that one must take seriously.

*Anthony Beckford is a Disabled U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Single Father, Community Leader, President and Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter Brooklyn, as well as the 2021 Candidate for the 45th City Council District.


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