Black Maternal Health




We have lost many mothers and many mothers have lost their children, due to inadequate care. Black mothers in New York City are 8 to 12 times more likely to die from birth-related causes than white mothers. Especially, mothers of Caribbean descent. From the belief that pain levels are exaggerated to failure to provide the necessary care regarding pre-existing conditions or conditions brought on by the pregnancy. Anthony Beckford has dedicated much of his life and time to advocate for the vulnerable and underserved in his community and throughout the rest of New York City. He is ready to introduce a package of legislation related to his "Comprehensive Care Plan" that will provide access to care through the expansion of medical coverage for all New Yorkers, but also the re-education of the medical field.

"We must be serious about this. We can no longer just provide lip service. We must change the way that Black people, especially Black mothers are treated and viewed in medicine. To the doctors and nurses that get it, I thank you. We must provide access to birth doulas and adequate care to mothers and their babies. The structure of white supremacy still exists in medicine and the bias of it is still subtly being taught to medical students. We must completely change the narrative. This will help to save more lives, along with safe staffing for nurses as well. I have conversed with and worked along with numerous birth doulas, doctors, nurses and medical students throughout the years. I look forward to continue the work to introduce my Comprehensive Care Plan. This care plan will allow mothers to have adequate access to birth doulas, who can drastically help pregnant mothers. The plan will call for doula services to be fully covered under the insurance that the mother has and for doulas to be reimbursed for all out-of-pocket expenses. My Comprehensive Care Plan, also calls for an expanded recruitment of Black doctors in the medical field as well as a livable wage for residents and nurses. There is more that is included and I look forward to introducing the plan in legislation as the next City Council Member of the 45th District if elected in the June 22nd Democratic Primary. " - Anthony Beckford

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