When you think about 100% Affordable Low Income Housing, Worker's Rights, Immigrant Rights, Criminal Justice Reform and many other progressive measures, the name Anthony Beckford is one of the names that will always come to mind. Beckford has been Boots on the Ground and very committed to the people. His integrity and courage are like no other and he is the representation that is needed in City Hall to take on the issues. However, he cannot do this alone. He is calling on all Labor Unions, Progressive Organizations, Clergy, Fellow Advocates and Elected Officials to support him and endorse his people powered campaign.


Contribute as little as $10 to the campaign: AnthonyBeckford.com/Donate

 Anthony Beckford has been endorsed by the following organizations, candidates, elected officials and advocates. Join the growing list of endorsers for Anthony's grassroots progressive campaign, to help take on the establishment and push back against corporate interests. Anthony has always stood with the people and will continue to stand with the people because he is Unbought and Unbossed.


New York Communities for Change

Voters For Animal Rights

Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club

League of Humane Voters - NY

Concerned Citizens For Change (chapter of NYPAN)

Caribbean Unity Alliance 

Brooklyn Progressive Alliance

Brooklyn Residents Against Gentrification

NYC Against ICE


Afrikans helping Afrikans Organization NYC

Nation Sanitation

New York Progressive Action Network

Teachers For Progress

Mothers United For Justice

Tenants PAC

Streets PAC

Courage To Change PAC (AOC)

Women's March NYC - Rise and Roar

Soft Power Vote

The RagTag Band


Grassroots Law PAC

Haitian Advocates For Peace

Elected Officials

Democratic District Leader Shaquana Boykin

Council Member Chris Ricci - Modesto, California

Council Member Delia Farquharson - Mount Vernon, NY


Cross Endorsements

Chris Sosa - 5th Council District

Emily Sharpe - 26th Council District

Moumita Ahmed - 24th Council District

Delia Farquharson - Mt. Vernon City Council

Michael Hollingsworth - 35th Council District

Victoria Cambranes - 33rd Council District

Advocates and Former Candidates

Zephyr Teachout

Activist and Lawyer

Winsome Pendergrass
(Housing Advocate, Organizer for NYCC and Housing Justice For All Coalition)

Sima Karetnaya
(Director of the American Jewish Coalition and Certified Health Advisor with W.H.O)

Sami Disu
(Adjunct Professor, CUNY & Social Justice Advocate, No IDC NY Organizer)

Jamell Henderson
(CUNY Advocate, NYCC Orgqnizer and 4X Graduate)

Corrinne Greene
(Elected Bernie Sanders Delegate and Activist)

Amber Rivero
(CUNY Advocate, John Jay Student Government President and Domestic Violence Advocate)

Sakia Fletcher
(CUNY Advocate and Former Medgar Evers SGA President)

TS Candii
(LGBTQ Advocate and Executive Director of Black Trans Nation)

Anthony J. Finkel
(Small Business Owner and Advocate)

Joy Chowdhury
(Labor Organizer and Former State Assembly Candidate)

Isiah James
(Decorated Army Veteran and Former Congressional Candidate)
































Who's endorsing

Jasa Service Brankas Surabaya
Jasa Service Brankas Surabaya
Jasa Bongkar Bangunan Surabaya
Plafon Di Surabaya
Fazro Kowen
Joseph Sellman
Sewa Trailer Surabaya
Brankas Di Surabaya
Plafon Di Surabaya
Teachers For Progress Teachers For Progress
Mothers United for Justice Mothers United for Justice
Caribbean Unity Alliance Caribbean Unity Alliance
NYC Against Ice NYC Against ICE
Brooklyn Progressive Alliance Brooklyn Progressive Alliance
Sima Karetnaya American Jewish Coalition
Belline Manopla
Tyrrell Muhammad
Paulette Beckford
Nisaa Najieb
Curtis Harris

20 endorsements

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Featured endorsements

Caribbean Unity Alliance - , NYC Against ICE - , Brooklyn Progressive Alliance - ,

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