Hazard Pay for Workers

Released at: February 01, 2021
Contact: Anthony Beckford

Statement from New York City Council Candidate, Anthony Beckford, regarding Hazard Pay for Workers:


"During this pandemic, we have lost countless community members. Many of them were frontline essential workers who provided meals, took care of the sick, transported New Yorkers and much more. One group of these individuals are our Transit Workers. Over 100 transit workers have lost their lives due to the Coronavirus and one of them was my friend, Ben Schaeffer. Many other essential workers across various industries have lost their lives and some are unable to work. Enough was not done to protect our communities and the essential workers who keep New York going.

We must prioritize the health and safety of our workers, who are literally putting their lives on the line daily to serve the people. This is why I am calling on Federal, State and Local legislators to work together to make sure that essential workers are provided with 50% hazard pay during this pandemic and for it to be retroactive back to March 2020. We must also expand all healthcare benefits until we are able to pass the New York Health Act. It is time for us to truly stand with workers, especially during this pandemic." - Anthony Beckford


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