Horse Carriage Ban

"No living creature should spend it's time in confined space. It does not matter it they have two legs, four legs or wings. It does not matter if they have fur, feathers or skin. Confinement produces traumatic experiences that cannot even be measured, because much of it is unseen." - Anthony Beckford

Seeing the back and forth arguments between fellow animal rights activists and horse carriage drivers and being a Union supporter, Anthony was able to put together a proposal to benefit all. Especially, Horses. Upon being elected into the city council, Anthony will draft, introduce and champion legislation to Ban Horse Carriages in New York. Now, before the Horse Carriage Drivers call for Anthony to be silenced, Anthony strongly suggest that they look at his proposal which benefits everyone, especially horses.

We do not need to see anymore scenes of horses collapsing, horses in tight spaces and horses having to be put down. What we need to see is progress that will actually benefit horses and carriage drivers.


In Anthony's legislation to Ban Horse Carriages in New York City, the City will provide a sanctuary for the horses, where they can roam and feel a green pasture under their feet. This will ultimately benefit the horses mentally, emotionally and physically. Horses cannot be worked as machines. We must look at this very true reality. We cannot simply replace a bolt, hose or timer belt.


Job Transition:

In regards to horse carriage drivers and those who work in the stables, Anthony will offer an employment transition that will allow them to maintain employment, benefits and stay unionized under TWU Local 100. The stable workers will be responsible for the upkeep of the first ever New York City Horse Sanctuary. The sanctuary can be utilized as an educational tool, to show New Yorkers, especially children on how we must respect and care for animals. For the horse carriage drivers, Anthony will propose a waiver on licenses to operate taxis and to be able to operate antique-replica electric tour cars or trolleys in and outside of Central Park. This transition is offered the same way many of us climate justice advocates know that a job transition for fossil fuel employees to renewable energy jobs are beneficial.

Benefit to the Union:

Again, Anthony is a huge Union supporter. This legislation will help increase the union membership of TWU Local 100, due to more people who many not have been able to get into the horse carriage industry an opportunity to gain employment, especially during the current economic crisis we are in.

Financial Benefits:

The financial benefits will not only benefit the city, but will benefit the drivers and will be more affordable to New Yorkers and Tourists who may not have been able to ever afford a horse carriage ride. Portion of taxes collected from the industry will be used to provide upkeep for the horse sanctuary and the lives of the horses.

For more information contact Anthony Beckford at [email protected]

* Anthony Beckford is a Single Father, Former UFT Member, Current Freelancers Union Member, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, son of Immigrant Parents from Jamaica and City Council Candidate for the 45th District in Brooklyn.

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