Justice For Eden Spinks Jr


Justice for EDEN SPINKS, Jr.

28 year old Eden Spinks, Jr. was a blessing and joy to the lives of all who knew him and interacted with him. He was full of life and planned to live life to the fullest with his family and friends.

On January 2, 2021, Eden Spinks, Jr's life was cut short and the NYPD 67th precinct dropped the ball on thoroughly investigating his death to bring the family closure and Justice. That day, Eden Spinks, Jr., left from his Manhattan hotel room that himself and his then girlfriend who he was trying to break things off with,  Sydney Singer , to the home of his sister to pick up food and spend time with his family.  Upon reaching the home, Eden is seen in more extended videos, getting out of his car and getting his coat from the backseat. His then girlfriend, is seen getting out and they proceed to the steps of the home. A conversation develops, and Eden who has always been a non-confrontational person is seen walking away.  Sydney Singer follows behind him and they talk. After their conversation, they are both seen (in extended video) going back to sit in the car. After several minutes a taxi pulls up a few feet infront of the car and the driver delivers what is believed to be an ubereats order to another home. When the taxi finally leaves in the video below, that is when Eden's car alarm goes off, signifying the moment the shot was fired. The car alarm is then turned off from inside the car and Sydney Singer is seen in extended video moving around the car and hovering over what is presumed to be Eden's body in the car, the light in the car is then turned on for a while, then turnt off.

She spent 10 to 15 minutes in the car before even exiting the car. That whole time, she did not dial 911 or scream out for help. She calmly exits the vehicle and walks up the stairs of the home, fixes her jacket and then calls Eden's youngest sister and rings the doorbell. She then calls 911 and hands the phone to Eden's 9 year old nephew and tells him to give the phone to Eden's oldest sister. Eden's sister then comes to the door and asks her why is 911 on the phone and Sydney Singer tells her that she doesn't know and then says that Eden may be hurt.  When the family found Eden in the car, the gun was in his lap and both of his hands were placed on top of the gun. This is scientifically and medically impossible for someone who supposedly shot themselves in the head.


Quick Facts:

- The detectives failed to obtain video footage from the house and other houses in the area.

- The detectives that night, prematurely ruled Eden's death a suicide without any forensics being done.

- The police report falsely states that there were no witnesses despite the girlfriend being in the car and an officer even getting her overnight bag out of the car for her.

- The girlfriend was never tested for gunshot residue on her hand and did laundry and her nails the day after.

- The family has yet to see Eden's body.

- The girlfriend has falsely told people that Eden died from Covid.

- The girlfriend told one of the sisters that she did not hear the shot go.off, despite being in the car.

- The girlfriend falsely stated that she was breaking up with Eden, when there is text evidence that the detective has failed to look at showing that Eden in fact was the one who was breaking up with her and she was not handling it well at all.

- The girlfriend erased all messages between her and Eden on her phone.

- The girlfriend admitted to one of the sisters that she used to sit in her car, across the street from the family's house and stalk Eden when he did not answer his phone.

- The girlfriend was spotted sneaking into the family's driveway on one occasion.

- The gun shot was from almost the top side of the head.

- The girlfriend kept asking is he was dead yet.

Note: The behavior of the girlfriend is very suspicious and the job done by the detectives was very insufficient.

Eden's family demands the current detectives that are on the case, be removed off the case and that a new investigation be conducted as well as the questioning of potential witnesses be done.

Call To Action:

Call the Offices of NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea, Mayor De'Blasio and Attorney General Leticia James and Demand Justice for Eden Spinks, Jr. Demand that they remove the detectives, thoroughly investigate this case as a potential homicide with an independent investigator and review all camera footage from that area and footage that the family has and that I have seen.

1 Police Plaza: 646-610-5000

Attorney General's Office: 1 800-771-7755

Mayor's Messaging Service:

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  • Annemarie Sue
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    Yes I totally agree, we need justice
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