City Council Candidate demands that the MTA focuses on Employee Needs

Released at: February 26, 2020
Contact: Anthony Beckford

Statement by Community Advocate / City Council Candidate Anthony Beckford, regarding the MTA denying their employee paid leave for the lose of his child:

"MTA Workers work daily to provide for their families and to provide a much needed service to New Yorkers. This should never be forgotten or taken lightly. Reinaldo Lopez is a dedicated MTA worker, but in his and his family's time of need, the MTA has failed him. Reinaldo should have been granted his paid leave to be able to grieve, be with his wife while she grieved and for them both to be able to begin a healing process from their tragic lose. I demand that the MTA does more for their employees. I demand that the MTA and all employers in New York City grant their employees two weeks paid leave, not only for the celebration of life, but also for their right to be able to grieve and heal from a lose. I too know the heartache, sadness and depression when it comes to losing a child to stillbirth. We must do better to be better and that means treating employees with decency and humanity. I stand with Reinaldo and all TWU 100 Employees. There will be a change and we will make it happen."

*Anthony Beckford is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Single Father, Community Advocate and City Council Candidate in the 45th District.



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