Anthony Beckford demands an Immediate Rent & Mortgage Suspension

Released at: March 31, 2020
Contact: Anthony Beckford



  "Cuomo still has not given Tenants any rent relief. An Eviction Moratorium only prevents evictions for 90 days, but still means that tenants who are not employed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, will still be subject to eviction proceedings at the end of the pandemic by their landlords. This is an added worry that tenants do not need to have. There is legislation in the the New York State Senate and the Assembly, that focuses on what many of us housing advocates are pushing for, which is a Rent Suspension. This rent suspension is for tenants whether they are an individuals, families or a small business. The legislation also protects homeowners and landlords from having to pay mortgages during the pandemic by suspending their mortgage payments. There would be no arrears of mortgage or rent owed.

    The banks will now have to deal with this issue, which they will not complain about because they will be bailed out and have no true lost at the end of the pandemic. Cuomo needs to stop dancing to the music of the corrupt Real Estate Board of New York and his developer buddies. There is a petition that was created by housing advocates with over 400,000 signatures supporting the suspension of rents. True leadership is not in the words you speak, but in the actions you take to actually help the people. He must do what is right or face very harsh pushback by both Advocates and Tenants throughout New York State. I also urge landlords and homeowners to join with tenants in this fight. Together We Can Make A Difference." - Anthony Beckford

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*Anthony Beckford is a Disabled U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Community Leader, City Council Candidate, President of Black Lives Matter Brooklyn and a Housing Advocate.


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