Statement against Xenophobia and Racism

Released at: January 03, 2021
Contact: Anthony Beckford

Statement from Anthony Beckford regarding the bigoted statement by Brooklyn Democratic Party Vice-Chair Lori Maslow:

"I am disgusted with the bigoted remarks that I have seen on Lori Maslow's page. The filth that was placed in that post was both disgusting and unacceptable. It is the same rhetoric that we hear from the bigot in the white house and his followers who choose bigotry over common sense. Lori Maslow is blaming China for a virus that killed many throughout the world and here in America. China did not send over a missile with virus payload. China did not set off a dirty bomb in America with the virus in it. Matter of fact, the strain that we got in the U.S. came byway of Europe. My district is diverse as the rest of New York is and I will not stand quiet to this hateful rhetoric, the same way I have spoken against and took actions in regards to other forms of hate.

We have all lost someone close to us and many of us have gotten sick, and thought that we would never recover and feared for our lives as well. But, that was not a doorway for hatred, bias and bigotry. And those who echo Lori Maslow's filth, need to take a deep look within. I went through two weeks of hell when I caught Covid, I did not think that I would not survive, but I did not blame China or Chinese people. I have lost people that I know, spoken to families who have lost their loved ones and have spoken to small businesses owners who have lost their businesses due to this pandemic. None of them are blaming China. They are rightfully blaming the inadequate response and leadership of many of our Federal, State and Local Elected Officials. They failed to adhere to early warnings and prepare for the pandemic. They failed to provide much needed PPEs and relied to tenants, homeowners and small business owners. They failed to place the people as a priority. They failed to provide monthly stimulus checks, small business relief, tenant relief, small homeowner relief and adequate protective measures. Instead they chose to have photo-op.and lip service sessions while we the people suffered. So if we are going to place blame, let us place it where it rightfully belongs and hold these Elected Officials accountable. I am demanding the immediate removal of Lori Maslow from her Vice-Chair position in the Brooklyn Democratic Party and a public apology from her as well." - Anthony Beckford

*Anthony Beckford is a Disabled Veteran, Organizer, Community Leader, Honored Covid Hero, President of Black Lives Matter Brooklyn and the 2021 New York City Council Candidate for the 45th District. Learn more here:

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