Time to Save our Homeowners and Tenants

Released at: December 07, 2020
Contact: Anthony Beckford

Save Our Homeowners and Tenants from Corrupt Local Politics in the City Council

Small homeowners are under attack by the proposed sprinkler law that will devastate homeowners and tenants in Brooklyn and beyond. This law is Intro 1146B and was sponsored by the following new york city council members; main sponsor Barry S. Grodenchik, and co-sponsored by Robert E. Cornegy, Jr., Helen K. Rosenthal, Farah N. Louis (my opponent), Ben Kallos, Carlos Menchaca, Margaret S. Chin, Ritchie J. Torres, Costa G. Constantinides, Adrienne E. Adams, Diana Ayala , Robert F. Holden (Update: Robert Cornegy and Carlos Menchaca have stepped back from sponsoring this disastrous piece of legislation.)

Intro 1146B would require sprinklers to be installed in all residential buildings over 40 feet tall by 2029. The bill came about due to a fire in the monstrous Trump Tower in Manhattan. Trump towers is over 664 feet tall.




"The way that this bill is written, it will apply to homes in Brooklyn that are 40 feet or higher, such as our historic 19th century townhouses which include single-family houses. The installation of a sprinkler system is very costly. The cost starts at $60,000 and can definitely surpass $100,000. This will in itself is problematic for small homeowners and the tenants who live in many of these small homes. The Sprinkler installation may trigger an added expense of structural reinforcements which is very expensive. This will also destroy the historical interior of these homes that have so much historic value in our communities. For far too long, politicians have made small homeowners and tenants suffer while receiving kickbacks and hush money to turn the other way when it comes to corporate landlords.

Many homeowners do not have the funds to be able to comply with this law, and will be heavily fined for non-compliance. Many of our homeowners are in fact asset rich but cash poor. This will cost many to be forced to sell their homes or be subjected to liens and foreclosures of their homes. This is definitely an attack on intergenerational property wealth The law is of long time likely to be especially devastating to Black property owners in New York City, especially in Central Brooklyn and tenants who reside in naturally occurring affordable housing.

This is another political tactic being used to target Black and Brown homeowners to drive them out of their homes so that developers can take over their homes and our communities. 

This political tactic to hurt Black and Brown homeowners, will cause mass displacements across all 5 boroughs of tenants who live in low-rise multifamily neighborhoods with 1-3 family homes, higher rents, including the displacement of rent controlled and rent stabilized tenants. The health issues that can possibly be caused due to the amount of dusty work that would take place will be an issue on top of many other issues.  Many community members are not aware of this law, due to it being an underhanded way for certain local elected officials to continue to sell out our communities to their developer friends without us even knowing that they were a part of this plot


Anthony Beckford's 2021 Amendment to the Bill:

Anthony Beckford will include language in the legislation that would omit 1-2 family homes from this sprinkler requirement but mandate that these homes do have working fire extinguishers on every floor.

Homes that do choose to partake in this type of structural remodeling are to receive financial assistance to do such work and tenants with bronchial health issues, will be provided with clean and safe temporary housing while the work is being done." - Anthony Beckford

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Article: https://www.brownstoner.com/real-estate-market/automatic-sprinklers-nyc-amendment-residential-buildings-40-feet-tall-fire-safety-intro-1146b/amp/

My Website: www.anthonybeckford.com

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