Slowdowns in Trash Pickups

Released at: August 17, 2020
Contact: Anthony Beckford



Statement from City Council Candidate of District 45, Anthony Beckford, regarding the slow down of trash pickups in our communities:

"There is no other way to put it, except to say that this is disgusting and will not be tolerated. Some in the City Council feel that just because this is their last term that they just have to do the bare minimum. Some feel that we the people are asleep at the wheel and lack the knowledge to know what is going on. And then there are those who actually do care, but their colleagues are holding back their efforts to correct this issue. Well, I am hear to say that this increase in trash and slow downs of trash pickups, will not be accepted at all in our communities. My opponent and others voted on a budget that slashed $106 million from the sanitation department's budget, along with cuts to education, housing, summer youth employment and vital services. Trash pickups have literally been reduced by 60% in the city and mainly in Black and Brown communities. This is causing an increase in rat sightings and an increase in unhealthy conditions in our communities. I will make it my business as the next New New York City Council Member of District 45 to increase the budget that is needed, so that we can increase trash pick ups, increase the amount of trash receptacles on our major streets and to increase hiring in the Department of Sanitation. My solution to the problem will also provide a solution to the lack of job opportunities in our communities. The increased budget for sanitation will come from a "Millionaires Tax" and my planned $2.5 Billion redistribution of militarized funds from the NYPD to the services and resources that we need in our communities." - Anthony Beckford


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