About Anthony Beckford


Anthony Beckford fighting for Justice, Equity and Housing Rights


Cleaning the Community


City Council Candidate distributes Hot Meals To The Community to Fight Food Insecurities


Anthony Beckford receives Caribbean Life Image Award




- Black Lives Matter


Biden - Harris



- Racist Threats Against Anthony Beckford:


DSA Rally Decry Double Standard Police Response to White Insurrectionists




- Advocating Against Gun Violence:


- Fighting Racism


- Advocating for Free Public Transportation:

 Advocating for Immigrants:


 Advocating Against Anti-Semitism:


 Write Up on Anthony Beckford

Advocating for Underserved Children:

- Education Reform

Anthony Beckford demands the Legalization and Decriminalization of Marijuana:

- Advocating for Hate Crime Victim:

- Shutting Down Racist Nail Salon

- Advocating against Police Brutality:






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